The Dorset Entrepreneurs Club

We're uniting the entrepreneurs of Dorset.

This club is open to anyone interested in entrepreneurship.
All levels are welcome, from no experience to seasoned pros.

Come join us!

About the club

Come join our new community of entrepreneurs in Dorset.

This club is to unite aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs in Dorset to provide a safe space for meeting like-minded people, develop your entrepreneurial skills, find real opportunities, and solve problems that will make Dorset a better place.

Our purpose is to help encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs. So, we’re targeting an age range of 18-35, but anyone over the age of 18 is welcome.

Surround yourself with like-minded people to have fun, make friends and develop your skills in a safe, supportive, and innovative space.


For Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

You may have a full-time job with no entrepreneurial experience, you may be thinking about starting a side hustle, or you may have recently started a business. All are welcome and will be surrounded by like-minded and supportive people to gain experience and develop your skills.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no easy feat. Usually, most have to learn the hard way through getting an idea, jumping in blind and making many costly mistakes until they finally get it right. Well, that’s if their money or motivation hasn’t run out along the way!

The worst part is that this journey is usually taken alone, with no friends or family who truly understand what you’re going through or can provide any real support until you’ve finally given up. Where at that point, they have the moment they’ve been waiting for to smugly tell you, “I told you so”.

This is exactly why this club is being formed; it provides you with a genuine community of like-minded people either at the same stage as you or who have already been through the challenges you’re facing.

The purpose of this club is to provide a safe playground for you to dip your toe into the life of entrepreneurship to help build your skills and experience, find real opportunities, build your network and, most importantly, have fun. It’s to help you decide if it’s the right life for you or to help increase your chances of success in your current or future venture and make friends along the way!

For Experienced Entrepreneurs:

You’ve been through the challenges of entrepreneurship and know how hard it was at the early stage and that challenges are a constant.

As you can remember how hard it was at the beginning, you realise the value this club can bring to young and aspiring entrepreneurs and how fulfilling it can be to give back and help them develop their skills by showcasing your experience through problem-solving real issues and creating genuine opportunities. Or perhaps you are looking for a new partner, investor or employee who may want to join you in your venture. Who knows…? But this is precisely what the club is designed for to find genuine opportunities and connect the right people to make it happen.


Reasons to Join:

• Opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges to yourself and be part of a community that can help each other overcome these challenges.

• Fun group games and entrepreneurial challenges

• Idea generation

• Sharing knowledge and experiences

• Exploring genuine opportunities

• Make genuine connections that can lead to business partnerships, investments, and friendships.

Club Values

This club is designed to make genuine connections, collaborations, and innovations in Dorset.

❌ Please leave sales pitches and self-promotion out of the community.

✅ We will provide excellent opportunities for you to self-promote in an authentic and value-driven way.

If you want to join this club only to sell your services, then this isn’t the right club for you and breaching these values will result in a ban to ensure space for genuine members.

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